All Beginnings Start with an Ending

Today, I started an 11 day Cosmic Journey with my new Cosmic Journey Oracle cards and my new Mystic Monday Tarot cards. The first card I drew, which actually set me on this journey, was the XI – The Hero of your Cosmic Journey card. The guide book has suggested questions to journal for eachContinue reading “All Beginnings Start with an Ending”

What I Am Reading

Wild Witch, A Guide to Earth Magic by Marian Green “A practical guide for bringing magic into your life using plants and herbs, the seasons, and the natural elements.” An excerpt from the Amazon description of this book. I originally began reading this book a year or more ago, then put it down because itContinue reading “What I Am Reading”

Our Stories Are Worth Telling

We finally had some warm, dry days to get our vegetable garden planted. Now we just need to keep the gentle, soaking rains going so everything germinates and more warm, sunny days for growing! I am looking forward to the healthy produce from this garden. On the other side of that garden, I had plannedContinue reading “Our Stories Are Worth Telling”

I Flow In Harmony and Peace

Winter is over, Spring has arrived. Easter is past and now we have April showers. Everything is bursting with renewed life and energy. My gardens are showing signs of growth and renewal. The birds are singing in the trees and the sun is warming my side of the world. I watch the ducks and geeseContinue reading “I Flow In Harmony and Peace”

Seriously getting in the Yule Spirit

I spent some time outside at my home. By myself. In the wind. With some peppermint tea. I feel so much better now! On my drive to work, I was thinking about what to get my son and his family for Christmas/Yule, and came up with the perfect gifts! As a plus, I have alreadyContinue reading “Seriously getting in the Yule Spirit”

I Heard and Heeded the Call

This morning was one of those difficult ones, the kind that you wish you could just go back to bed and call it a day already! Hubby was not happy about my shopping trip yesterday (even though I got him some warm and comfortable fleece clothes to wear for his cancer treatments), and he wokeContinue reading “I Heard and Heeded the Call”