All Beginnings Start with an Ending

Today, I started an 11 day Cosmic Journey with my new Cosmic Journey Oracle cards and my new Mystic Monday Tarot cards. The first card I drew, which actually set me on this journey, was the XI – The Hero of your Cosmic Journey card.

The guide book has suggested questions to journal for each card. This card had the following questions: ‘What is my Cosmic journey quest?’ ‘Where am I on my Cosmic Journey?’ ‘What can I do to activate more of my allies, guides and magical help in my life?’ Each of these questions bring me back to the two or three Journey to Self weeks that I tried to complete with The Sisters Enchanted. I really cannot say enough wonderful things about those quests…. If you ever have a chance to join one, DO IT! You will not regret it.

On this one, I realize this is something I must do on my own. I have journaled about these three questions today and will pull a new card tonight to sleep on and journal about tomorrow. I also pull three Tarot cards to read along with the Oracle card.

The three Tarot cards (actually 4 because one fell out as I was shuffling) for this first day were: 3 of Pentacles, The Chariot, Ace of Cups, and The World.

I read these as a way of answering the journalling questions –

Everything is connected in the Universe, find these connections, repair and strengthen them – heal my inner world by healing these connections. Be creative, use my strong intuition.

I am at a crossroad – one phase is ending and I must decide what direction my next phase will take me. I must learn to trust myself and my intuition, remember that I am my own best ally and friend. Everything I have ever needed has always been within me, I need to re-learn how to access it when I need it.

I need to believe in myself, spend time in Nature, trust my Intuition, and ASK the gods/goddesses, my ancestors, and my spirit guides. I must realize that I have NEVER been completely alone, there have been so many unseen allies and guides in my life, I need to re-learn how to see them and hear them by sitting quietly (meditating) in Nature and seeing /hearing with my chakras.

This is my quest for the next 11 days.

Until next we meet, Blessed Be.


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Kitchen and Green/Nature Witch with intuitive empathic abilities.

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