Last month was the Autumn Equinox. I celebrated!

I had a picnic in the park close to my work at noon. I sat in the shade, by the water, with the insects and water birds singing to me as I ate my soupe and bread and drank my tea. The experience was uplifting and calming and all together magickal.

The weekend after the equinox was the Great Plains Renaissance Festival! Hubby & I had a wonderful time!

We went both days of the festival because one day just isn’t enough to see everything! The first day we spent walking around exploring all the vendors and watching the people. The second day was spent enjoying the Caber Tossing and the Jousting at the main arena area. We are already planning on going again next year!

This month, October, has a new moon on the 6th; a full moon on the 20th and, of course, Samhain on the 31st! I am looking forward to sharing my plans and rituals for each of these.

Welcome to the season of the Witch!

I have finally made an altar in my front room! I am slowly moving out of the closet and embracing my authentic self.

I am also thinking ahead to Yule & what I can make for my friends.

So far, this is what I am thinking about….

More on this later.

Until then, Stay grounded my lovelies.


Published by A Pagan's Pantry

Kitchen and Green/Nature Witch with intuitive empathic abilities.

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