What I Am Reading

Wild Witch, A Guide to Earth Magic by Marian Green

“A practical guide for bringing magic into your life using plants and herbs, the seasons, and the natural elements.” An excerpt from the Amazon description of this book.

I originally began reading this book a year or more ago, then put it down because it was so disheartening – and the author is rather harsh and stringent in her preface.

When I picked it up again this past week, I made a commitment to myself to get at least a quarter of the way into this book before even thinking about putting it down again. I am SO glad I made that commitment, and really glad I am in a much better frame of mind than I was before.

Admittedly, I almost set it down once again. The preface really is quite rude and I can see where several people would be turned away from the book if they didn’t read beyond the beginning. This is NOT the book for someone who is just dabbling in paganism, earth spirituality/religions, or is unable to handle a rough, grab-you-by-the-ruff-of-the-neck-to-get-your-attention type of author. She almost demands that you sit up straight and change your harmful ways! So, strap on your big girl/boy pants and check your whines at the cover, then make the commitment to LEARN, and that is just what you will do!

I am sooo glad I struggled past the soapbox the author was on and didn’t let her language or “voice” deter me from reading on into the actual book. The premise of the book is that we have forgotten how to live with the land, that our Earth has taken care of humanity for many eons of our existance because WE KNEW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF HER! In just the last few generations, we have lost that knowledge and the Earth is suffering the consequences of our lost knowledge.

My favorite reading place, by the firepit under Grandfateher Elm

Now, when you start this book, you will want to have a journal on hand as well as a good pen. I also read the book with a highlighter and matching pen in hand because I do highlight and write comments/observations in the sidelines. I know, some people will be looking at me with absolute horror, but there are some books I do write in!

This is one of those books you will want to refer back to quite often, there is so much information in these pages. This first reading, I am picking up the history and odd bits of trivia as well as looking deeply at myself and my own habits. Yes, I am seriously looking at how my habits are contributing to the distruction of our Mother Earth, and how I can change. Time to open our eyes and listen.

For now, I plan on making friends of the trees in my yard, my neighborhood and even in the park I walk in at noon! I am going to spend time learning the basic herbs that are indigenous to my area, growing them in my gardens. I will learn what their many uses are; magickally, medically, and baking/cooking. I will learn how to dry & preserve the herbs I grow so we can use them throughout the years to come.

I don’t want to say too much about the actual content because I really don’t know what information someone else would glean from this book at any given time in their life. I know that there will be several more times I will pick up and re-read that one because I will get something different out of it each time.

Until next week,

Stay Magickal, Friends!

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Kitchen and Green/Nature Witch with intuitive empathic abilities.

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