September 2021

On my Instagram feed today:

“you have to get to a point where your mood doesn’t shift based on the insignificant actions fo someone else.”

This touched me to my soul. I have been struggling with this for most of my life, but am working on it in earnest this year. I want to be a much calmer, consistent self than I have been. That means learning to control my empathy, my intuition and my emotions. None of thosse are easy to control by any means, but I know I am strong enough to do exactly what I set out to do. I have already determined that I will bouw out of the drama hubby D and daughter T spout with me in the middle. Lately, hubby D has been jealous of daughter T calling me at work … Too bad, she IS my daughter and I will NOT cut her off at any time … I won’t trust her as much as I once did, but I am also not sinking to their level and cutting anyone completely out of my life. I WILL limit my time with them, either physically or mentally. With daughter T, I don’t go to see her, she has to come to me if she want’s to see me. I learned that lesson a couple of years ago. With hubby D, since I live with him, I check out by going into a book or getting busy baking or any of a dozen or more activities I can get completely involved in.

I have been taking some Tarot “lessons” from Biddy Tarot. So far, I am struggling with reading the instruction book, but plan on spending some time this long weekend with those lessons, getting through the first week of lessons. Then I will set aside some time each evening to do one daily lesson. I may do some of the daily lessons more than once to make sure I fully understand them, but I will get through all the lessons, eventually.

This Monday (Labor Day in these United States) is the New Moon for September, it is in the astrological sign of Virgo. New moons are a time to set intentions for the next Full Moon. With this one in Virgo, those intentions may manifest better than ever. Virgo energy is organized, being a sign known for perfection. This may be the push needed to actually follow through on those dreams that haven’t quite made it to become goals yet. Make your list, pick one or two to concentrate on, then go for the gusto on those goals! I know that is what I will be doing this New Moon!

Until next week –

Stay Magickal, Friends.

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Kitchen and Green/Nature Witch with intuitive empathic abilities.

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