Our Stories Are Worth Telling

We finally had some warm, dry days to get our vegetable garden planted. Now we just need to keep the gentle, soaking rains going so everything germinates and more warm, sunny days for growing! I am looking forward to the healthy produce from this garden.

On the other side of that garden, I had planned on putting in a shade/moonlight garden with a small patio/sitting area. Then our So9uth neighbor put in a rock drive for his RV and our West neighbor took out the trees that shaded that spot! Now, I have to re-think my backyard plans! I am leaning toward that corner area becoming my greenhouse/potting shed/compost area. I have been wanting something like that for awhile now, just didn’t have a sunny location that would support a greenhouse. Now I do!

I still want to put in a shade/moonlight garden, but must see where the sun and shade hit after all the tree-trimming the West neighbor and the North neighbor have done. Hoping they have opened my yard to more possiblities! Project for middle of next month: take pictures throughout a sunny day to see where shade and sun are during the day because everything has changed since last year when I did it the first time!

I have finally begun my herbal dictionary… figure if all my herbs grow in my garden, I should know how and where to use them! The first two I am studying are Rosemary and Chamomile. Goodness! I barely looked at anything on Pinterest about these two and already have 1/3 of a page filled on each of them! This is going to be fun!

I am also making a morning ritual af sitting at my kitchen altar to mediate, then draw a Tarot card for the day. Today’s card is The Lovers: Balance, Unity, Partnerships, Choices, Harmony.

Theme for today: Self-love … Understanding my values and beliefs, finding my palce, deciding what is and what isn’t important enough to keep. Staying true and authentic to my soul. Choosing the best version of myself to bring into the world; because, as the last line I read today in the story I am currently reading says, “Our stories are worth telling,”

Until next time!

Plant ; Bloom!

Published by A Pagan's Pantry

Kitchen and Green/Nature Witch with intuitive empathic abilities.

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