I Flow In Harmony and Peace

Winter is over, Spring has arrived.

Easter is past and now we have April showers.

Everything is bursting with renewed life and energy.

My gardens are showing signs of growth and renewal.

The birds are singing in the trees and the sun is warming my side of the world.

I watch the ducks and geese nesting at the park, enjoying the first blossoms of a beautifully promising Springtime.

I have ground myself to my home gardens, walking barefoot in the freshly tilled earth, feeling the energy and warmth and love of Mother Earth. Now, I am ready to put the seeds and new plants into that same fresh, fertile and magickal ground.

This year we will have our fresh vegetables and herbs from our garden. We will grow and blossom along with our gardens as we watch the miracle of plant, grow, harvest, enjoy! This will be an organic garden, using coffee grounds, potato peelings, egg shells, & fruit peelings as fertilizer/repellant as needed.

We also have free-range chickens next door who will help keep the bugs to a minimum.

Inside our home, I have cleared my kitchen and am keeping things put away so I have the needed space to make delicious, healthy, home-cooked meals and bake the wonderful cakes, cookies, pies and breads I had growing up… I think baking has been the hardest to give up while we were so busy with Dave’s cancer and the COVID shut-downs everywhere.

This year, Dave is trying new foods and finding out he CAN eat them and enjoy them… he has finally stopped saying, ‘yum’ to his fave foods, thenk asking me if they taste good! I am pretty sure he can taste things somewhat… It may not be the same as it used to be, but there IS some taste still there!

We planted a small Red-Twig Dogwood tree in our back yard. This tree is an experiment. It was originally part of a Christmas Bouquet at my work. The twigs took root and blossomed at my window, so I brought them home and we planted them. Hoping they stay alive and really take off! The red twigs will look amazing against our winter snows.

We had cleared the front garden last autumn, so this year we planted a row of rose bushes, Arizona floribunda roses on either side of the front garden and an Oklahoma tea rose bush and a Midas Touch tea rose bush between the stepping stones and the floribunda roses. If they all take off like everything has before, that garden will give us peonies in the early spring, roses all through the spring & summer months into the autumn, then we will have a row of chrysanthamums across the front for autumn color.

I will take a picture at a later date, perhaps in a year or so, when the roses have matured a bit.

In the meantime, get out and enjoy Mother Nature in whatever season you are in. She has a beauty all her own at every turn of the wheel.

Until next time, Blessed Be and remember – Plant ; Bloom! Translation: Plant where you are, pause if needed, then bloom to your fullest potential!

The pagan’s pantry

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Kitchen and Green/Nature Witch with intuitive empathic abilities.

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