Spring Renewal


I had a really rough morning at work yesterday, so really needed a quiet walk in nature to ground and center myself so I could come back to my desk in a better mood and a kinder, gentler frame of mind.

It was a perfect day to walk in the park close to my work. The red buds are still blooming beautifully against the summer-blue Kansas sky. The birds are singing their lively spring songs and the trees are all beginning to show their new buds. The ducks are sitting on their eggs. And all is fresh and new in nature.


I had gentle meditation music playing in the one ear bud I wear for my walks (so I can also listen to the birds sing, the wind rustle thru the trees, and the water flow over the rocks). As I walked along, I was reminded of the precious renewals we all go thru every year, sometimes several times a year. I thank Gaia for the opportunity to experience this Spring renewal and the return of the sun to this area of the world. I thank her for the memories of several past Springs that have brought so much happiness to me and such a sense of wonder in each new flower or tree blossoming , each sweet song for the birds and each gentle hum from the insects.

I invite you to look around where you live as the new season unfolds before you. Look for the joy and wonder of the rebirth of each plant or creature this spring (or the slowing down and restfulness of each creature and the preparation for the quiet season if you are beginning autumn where you live). Fully be in the season each moment you can. watch the changes mindfully and note how you feel; renewed energy or beginning to slow down and rest. Appreciate the beauty in each scent, sound and sight as you walk in nature.

Thank you, Gaia, for the wonder of each season and the changes in our world. I appreciate the joy and renewal in Spring (as that is the season I am in now). Thank you for this lesson in gratitude and stillness.


In the Eye of the Storm




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