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We finished Chemo & Radiation in January. Then the real horror of this whole cancer fight hit hard!

Hubby couldn’t eat or drink anything because of the radiation burns to his throat. This caused a SERIOUS weight loss and malnutrition that was endangering his health and life even more than the cancer ever would have. Finally at the end of January his doctors decided to put a feeding tube into his stomach. Why they didn’t do this three weeks earlier is beyond me, but they did finally get it done. His weight at the beginning of this cancer journey was 306 lbs. When they put the stomach tube in 7 weeks later his weight was 143 lbs. That is an average of 10 pounds per week lost! He was malnourished and dehydrated as well as unable to take any of his pain meds because they all had to be swallowed.

Fast forward to 4 weeks later, we are still struggling with getting anything down the throat, but have been slowly working on swallowing room temperature water just to get some much needed moisture in the throat so it can begin healing. We have only had one other ER trip, which was a study in frustration. Some of the local ER doctors really have piss-poor bedside manners, and absolutely no patient care abilities when it comes to giving any useful information to ease a patient or their caretakers.

We feed him thru the stomach tube (a whole new experience that I never want to do again!) and give him his pain meds thru the tube. But he does seem to be improving, slowly. I am hoping that he will improve even faster once the weather warms up and the sun stays out. He needs the sunshine and warmth even more than I do!


Looking forward to seeing the hummingbirds return and the flowers bloom in our front garden. I am making plans for the back yard and gardens we cleared last autumn. So many things I want to do back there to make it a sanctuary for me, Hubby, the dogs, and Gaia.

More on that later, though.  Let’s get thru the final days of winter first.


Until next time,


Storm on the Horizon


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