Beginning a New Era


We got the results of Hubby’s biopsy on Saturday. He does have cancer, thankfully (if there can be such a thing with that kind of diagnosis), his cancer is due to a virus and usually responds well to treatment.

We spent the rest of the weekend at home, quietly, just enjoying each other’s company and resting up for the fight ahead.

His Ear-Nose-Throat doctor is supposed to make an appointment with our local oncologist for sometime this week.

He told the children we still have contact with (including our youngest daughter who is currently not really speaking to us) and heard back from two of the three kids. I have also developed my own support system because I know that I will need them at some point in this battle.

Thankfully, none of the people we told came over this past weekend. Neither one of us wanted company. We just wanted peace and quiet to come to terms with this diagnosis and all the ramifications and changes to come to our lives.

Now, onward and upward toward the battle!


More on this later my lovelies.

Storm on the Horizon


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